6/1 AC Meeting Minutes

6/1 Applecorps- present- Kye, Simon, Elizabeth, David, Laura

General Review- Simon said he was proud how we held together the last 3 weeks and progressed into the event What could be changed- the fact there is tension suggests there may be some unnecessary tension

Eliz- what went well was learning about fruit trees I recognize the level of expertise needed to speak for applecorps which she does not feel she will

Laura said she was happy with what we learned and bringing the people together
and we may need to adjust our dreams based on what we learned

David said he was impressed with the fund raising and the graphic abilities (Eliz) and working with Elizabeth on the website. Lots of compliments. Good to learn how this group works. I would not have created the data base b/c it put pressure on the group to do things his way. It was unfair to ask

Kye loved the solidity of the people working together- the logo, etc. Such great goals- bringing food to others Yet it is limited so great potential for people to be enthusiastic What we could do better were the kinds of meetings we had we did not have the info in front of us

We discussed whether using the data base would work We identified that we need someone who would be a data entry person/coordinator who contacts everyone to get updates or people contact that coordinator

Considering where we are as a group- there has been kind of a break between David and others
The strength of our project is linked to the strength of us as members which includes healing the break between David and the group David said his hope is the group will bounce back but he may not feel comfortable staying with the group He feels strongly that people need to follow through with what they say they will do

Review goals- (what we identify as possible improvements we can discuss in future meetings) 1. Community Building at both the neighborhood and organizational levels: what we achieved- libaries, Abetties and each individual site, grants, vital communities, hartford Maybe we could have used newspaper calendar Premature to evaluate ourselves on the neighborhood level yet. The plaques will help promote this.
2 Collaboration and coalition building (for future collaboration) Presenters, Henry opening up more options for workshops in the future. We have to grow our name slowly and improvement where needed.
3. Skill building (around fruit tree growing) We began to learn about planting a fruit tree and identified experts
4. Building a platform for diverse organizations and businesses to come together around the goal of building a more robust, cohesive and resilient community. and 5. Awareness raising (about the need for food security)
It would be good to identify Applecorps as a food security program. This is something we build on over time. It would be good to identify which groups are doing that.
6. Beautify public spaces- We have 11 trees in public areas which we felt was a good start for achieving this goal.

Existing trees- to our knowledge all the trees are being cared for. Simon is checking on the two at Lyman Point. He will help get a bucket placed at town hall. Laura will take over 6/25.

Elizabeth, Kye and Simon will be on the plaque committee

We considered next steps might include having talks about applecorps and food security and bring information to libraries, etc bringing together groups with common concerns and build up to a possible round table of people/organizations.

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