The Upper Valley Apple Corps is a group of people that are cooperating to purchase, host, plant, and care for food bearing trees in our neighborhoods. The produce will be free for the picking by everyone. Our  goal is to find and organize all the resources needed to plant and care for 150 trees by summer of 2015. We planted 40 trees in 2013, and are planning to plant trees (mostly nut trees this time) in 2014.

Each tree gets a plaque that identifies it as an Apple Corps tree, names the sponsor that funded it and identifies the current care person.

It is exciting to think about the community connections that these trees will represent…… the connection to the land and the people they will help support.  There are four main ways that you can join in this effort:


Sponsor a Tree: A $50 donation pays for the rootstock and soil amendments and also puts your name on a plaque that will be worn by the tree. (Donations of other amounts are gratefully accepted.)

Host tree(s)

Provide a Site: Those who oversee sites that are easily accessible to the public and could use one or more beautiful fruit or nut trees, may sign up to have an Apple Corps volunteer come to check out the perspective site. You may also commit to providing the water and care for the tree(s), or the Corps will coordinate other volunteer(s).


“Adopt a Tree” Those who water, prune and care for the tree during the tree’s first years of life.  Your name will be listed on the tree’s plaque. The primary responsibility is to provide approximately five gallons of water per day the first three months after planting. The Corps will also help you learn all aspects of tree care if you wish, such as pruning. You can specify the duration of your commitment. The Corps will help you find a replacement care person for your tree when your commitment expires.


Planting Day Volunteer: On May 17th, 2014, Apple Corps will host a Planting Festival during the hours of 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Hartford Historical Society building, 1461 Maple Street (Rte 14) in Hartford Village. This event will include delectable fruity baked goods, instruction on nut tree planting, apple seedling giveaway, live music and more. Event volunteers will be needed both at the Apple Corps Party and at tree sites throughout the Upper Valley.

Festival Volunteer: On May 17th, help set up displays, serve food and maintain site.

Gleaners:  In future years, help pick and distribute fruit so that it is easily accessible by the public.

Tree Scouts:  Help identify existing fruit and nut trees in the Upper Valley that need care.  Help keep our site map current by notifying the Corps of trees ready for picking or needing maintenance.

Skill Builders:  Can you teach tree maintenance, grafting, pruning, canning or other fruit related skills?  Would you like to learn how?  We need to cross pollinate our knowledge for resilience in the Upper Valley!

Ready to join the fun? Fill in our participation agreement form.

Brought to you by your friends from Transition Five Villages.

See our full list of sponsors.

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