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Database link, tutorial videos, etc.

Please login to the database to record all communications. Please keep things updated there on a daily basis, so information does not get lost on slips of paper or in our email inboxes!

Here is a video to get the coordinators started with the database I hope we will use for tracking all our information. Once you start the video you will probably want to switch to full screen. Click the icon in the lower right corner of the player.

Note that to edit an existing record, you must click on the text of a field that has been entered already. Watch for when your mouse pointer changes to indicate a link to be sure.

The second video gives an introduction to relational database basics and then goes into some detail on how the content is intended to be entered. For example, there are address fields in Person or Company and Site, so you have to be a bit careful to use the right ones. In the process of making the video, I realized I could make some small improvements to the names of tables and fields so they would be clearer! But I did not want to make the video over again so it will look slightly different in the video from the live site.


To clarify a couple of points I mentioned in the above video, the reason I define a “Planting” as only having one species, is I want the planting status field to be useful for information like “Ripe” or “Did notĀ pollinateĀ in 2015 due to frost” and such. This type of status would apply only to one species and not a site, where a site might have both Apples and Pears, for example. I’m envisioning web pages that display all the status information for all the plantings, to be updated regularly, so the site becomes a resource to finding the fruit you are looking for, seeing if the tree adopter (need a better word for this role, IMO) might need help, or just a quick assessment of the success of the year’s harvest.

I changed the name of the “Person” table to “Person or Organization.” If by chance a person is both a representative of an organization and is offering to help as a private citizen, I think we would have to create two “Person” records for them. One would have the address of their organization and the other their home address.

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