Raising money is one aspect of our outreach. It takes $50 to purchase the root stock and other materials needed to plant each tree. In addition, we need sites and volunteers to help care for the trees. If you can help us with two or more of these important aspects, please fill in our agreement form. Already done that? Thanks! If you don’t currently have a site or time for tree care, you can skip the agreement and simply give us some money!

One easy way to donate is to visit the Upper Valley Food Co-op and drop some money in our donation cans at the check out.  We love the ways our community  is mutually supportive.  The Co-op has supported Apple Corps by donating items for our festivals.

Any amount would be greatly appreciated. If you donate $50 or more, you can (optionally) have your name on a tree plaque as its financial sponsor! Send your checks payable to Transition Town White River Junction to:

UV Apple Corps

149 Latham Works Lane

White River Junction,VT 05001

Or use the button below to give on-line using your credit card.


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