Upper Valley Apple Corps Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the agreement I make with the Apple Corps, when I sell my property?

That is entirely up to you. We encourage you to leave the Apple Corps plaque(s) for your tree(s) in place as you show the property and help to explain the benefits you and the community have reaped to prospective buyers. But we don’t expect you to require new owners to adopt the agreement you have made in order for them to be considered as new owners.

What do you mean by “easily accessible by the public?” Do I have to allow people to come whenever they want to visit the tree(s)?

An ideal location is one where the owner is comfortable with total and free access. But this is not required. Each site owner chooses their own sharing plan which will be stated on the plaque and (optionally) published on our website.

What types of trees are you planting?  For the most part we are planting the following trees.  However, if site owners have recommendations for other types of trees we will consider them.


Mutsu, Cortland, Granny Smith, Honey Crisp, Macoun


Luscious, Parker, Bartlett

Peaches  (only planted in limited locations)

Reliance, Contender

Nuts (added in 2014)

American Chestnuts, Chinese Chestnuts, Hazelnuts (Filberts), Buartnuts

If I host an Apple Corps tree planting on my property, who will own the trees?

The legal entity or person that owns the land will own the tree(s). There is no formal, legal ownership or public right-of-way required or implied.

Have other questions? Please ask!

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