Meeting Minutes: goals, working groups, etc

Fruit Tree Planting Meeting One. 1/4/13

Attendance: Laura Simon, Elisabeth Cadle, David Kano, James Murdza, Kye Cochran, Karen Ganey, Simon Dennis, Una Moore, Patrica Green.




Community Building at both the neighborhood and organizational levels

Collaboration and coalition building (for future collaboration)

Skill building (around fruit tree growing)

Building a platform for diverse organizations and businesses to come together around the goal of building a more robust, cohesive and resilient community.

Awareness raising (about the need for food security)

Beautify public spaces.



Community Celebration.

Bi-annual walk through. To assess the health and needs of the trees.

(Tina Barney, Niko Forester, Extension Services)

Laura: It would be really good to research around other communities that have done this.

Kye: Said that we could put a placard around each tree that states when it was planted and who is taking care of it. Clearly marked signs that say help yourself, eat, share.

James: We could put a map on the web that shows who is taking care of what.


February 4th until May 18th. (May 11th turned out to be Greenup Day.)\


Place tree order

Make connections with partnering organizations

Find locations

Sign agreements with adopters

Reach out to town municipalities

Create educational materials

Create outreach materials including visuals and logo

by February 10th

Raise money

Tangible Goal:

To plant and secure a long-term care plan for 50 Trees

Committee Structure and Chairs:

PR committee; Elisabeth Cadle, Simon.

Partnership Committee; Karen and Patricia

(Collaborators, Site providers, Adopters, Sponsors)

Fundraising Committee; Laura Simon, Simon

Location Committee; David Kano, Karen

Potential Partners and Partner Types:


Vital Communities

Hotel Coolidge

Sierra Club

Nursing Homes (Kendal)

Tree Boards

Garden Clubs

Cedar Circle Farm

Dartmouth Farm and College, (Scott)


Senior Centers

Condo Developments




After school Programs.

Next meeting

Monday, February 11th, 6:00 to 7:30 (Subsequent meetings will be every other Monday evening)

Humbly Submitted for your review by Simon P. Dennis


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