Meeting Minutes 3/25/2013

Apple Corps Minutes


Brian Strofo, Laura Simon, David Kano, Elisabeth Cadle, Kye Cochran, Cadance, Karen Ganey,

Laura will be going to the Tree board meeting. To ask for sponsorship, endorsement, and participation, tree sites. Simon will follow up with Tad regarding Ratclffe.

Cadance suggested that we could go to get highschool kids to volunteer.

Cadance and Elisabeth will make poster to spread the word the get volunteers to engage in AC.

Kye said that the queechee library is a possble place to do something in the future.

Una gave the cards to her class mates, and their mommies, and to the kids. She only passed the cards out in her class.

Birdie talk to folks about the GA. Could lead to 20-50 trees.

Regarding the Seminary Hill site.: Paul, the head of the rec department has the power to make the decision himself on any city land. He said he is willing for us to put trees along the tennis court. Possible location for us to have the festival on Seminary Hill. This is to be considered at back up site. Simon will follow up with Tad regarding Ratcliffe. David recommends door to door outreach. We will put the logos everywhere appropriate on all printed materials.

Time line: Will it be helpful to articulate the decision points. We will decide on which sites will get trees by May 1st.

Karen, Brian and Kye agreed to become a tree ordering committee. They will meet April 7st at 10 am at Kye’s house. The rest of the group should treat this as a deadline for getting as much information about tree numbers and types into the database. If there are sites that do not have coordinators, please let David Kano know.

We should submit press release to the valley news. As soon as we have the Ratcliffe Park as a site. Kye will do this.

Flavors of the Valley

April 14th

We need a large poster. Elisabeth will make a poster prior to April 14th. And work on the booth.

Contact people are Laura, Karen, Kye. David will be the timebank.

Festival Plan

Food will be by donation. Apple fritters. Bare bones. Fruit related refreshments by donation.

10-2 pm.

We should think of some kind of games.

The next meeting will be at April 8th at 7:00 no potluck.

Faithfully submitted for your review by Simon Dennis

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