Meeting Minutes 4/8/2013


Announcements / updates
Tree update / order
Questions? General
Sustainable Organization
Caretaking / Adoptees
Next Steps
Next Meeting date

In these minutes, action items follow a * and the person who will take same.

Announcements / updates

Laura emailed NEGF, waiting for a reply.

* David: CTP wants recognition on the website and other locations, like sponsor page

We could list total donations lower than $200 from X number of people on a web page.

Elisabeth: Posters to find volunteers, etc. will be done on Friday 12th. people need to pick them up and hang them. Mat Doyle (Heron Graphics) is printing for cost! These don’t have the festival information, that is on a different poster.

* David: Send logo to Elisabeth (done)

* David: reference Heron Graphics on (new) sponsor page.


Lyman point park is confirmed. Setup at 9:00am Out by 2:30pm

Need to get in touch with orgs that said they could do workshops during the festival. Chippers,

Education, care, etc. Have some music. Have trees.

Karen is concerned about it being too much to plant after the festival.

2 trees at Lyman point. Need to update DB.


10:45am Р11:30am  (tree planting, watering & early care)

11:45am Р12:30pm  (tree pruning and ongoing care)

12:30pm – 1:30pm lunch

* Simon: contact potential workshop leaders. Get information about who from Karen

Karen moved to form a Festival task force / sub-committee. David agreed. Task force will have schedule, etc by April 29th so it can go onto the festival poster.

* Karen, Simon, maybe Tim will be the Festival task force.

* we need to decide when our next event is by the Festival, so we can announce it then.

Tree update / order

How do we prioritize the sites?

David pointed out volunteers are the main bottle neck resource.

EC Brown is another source for trees, along with Northern Nurseries

Will get some from EC Brown. We don’t know yet the deal they will give. Want to work with them if possible.

* Karen: will contact EC Brown to get prices, ordering requirements, what species they carry, etc.

* Brian will ask Mike if he will check Aquatic center site. (Done, see email list).

Can we find other organizations that have experience with long term care and ask them what the issues are?

Berries? Not this planting. Maybe future

* Laura: contact DiDi about tree or berries later.

* David: libraries tree requests may or may not include Pat McGovern’s tree she is buying for them. The main contact person for the library has been out-of-town.

Simon questioned if we could do site approval to a sub-committee. David did not think so, because too much information is just in people’s heads or non-centralized records. Plus we have not even talked about the priority and selection process in any detail yet.

* Duncan: we need varieties entered into the database. He will do same,

* Karen: send the variety list to Duncan.

* David: Duncan Pogue needs a database account. (done)

Simon: If it is not in the database, then it does not get ordered. David: Thank you Simon!

* Brain: ask how often we need to water the trees from Northern Nurseries

Sustainable Organization

David was asked about this by Paul Coats of Lebanon Rec. He assured him that we would be working towards formalizing our organizations structures to make it a real non-profit with a board, officers, etc or find one of same that will take the project on as their own. Evidently he spoke out-of-turn, read on:

Karen & Simon: we hope that the culture will shift enough that the new volunteers will come forward in a more organic way, not from the apple corps organization itself.

* David: needs to talk to or email Paul that the organization is committed to 3 year timeframe.

We are targeting April 10th for ordering, 8th for finalizing tree order information.

Questions? General

David asked about pesticides. We will not be using any at all.

David asked about mowing, if the site owner can not deal with the extra work of small mower or whip to go around trees and deer fencing. Given the lack of commitment to create a long-term organization that would be available to find volunteers, I think the answer to this question is that they must be willing to take on that extra work themselves, at least in the longer term. If they don’t agree they might not be a viable site.

Next Meeting date:

 Saturday April 21, 5:00pm potluck after the CTP workday.

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