meeting minutes 5-9-2013 unapproved draft

UV Apple Corps Meeting Minutes

Attending: Simon, Elizabeth, Laura, David (recording), Kye got here later, Duncan followed too
* items are prioritized
  Site plan
*  publicity
*  prep
*  order updates
*  tree protocols
  poverty lane
  T Shirts
*  Budget
*  hosts
*  tree-care volunteers
*  partners
  thank you’s
David stated that he was uncomfortable with the mode we were in, even having festival details on the agenda today, since those were assigned to the festival sub-task group a while ago. Why didn’t we hear that the sub-group needed help, if that was the case?
David’s feeling of team cohearance is shot, he is just trying to hang in with the project through this planting by letting the rest of the group make the decisions without him raising his concerns and preferences.
The posters are done and will be picked up at the start of dinner. Elizabeth volunteered to go.
* Tree order report
Simon: Kye, Brian & Simon met to place the tree order. They looked at the lists and tried to determine which sites were shaky and which were solid. Extra trees could be either sold at the event or be planted on Kye’s or at the Center. Brian could also take more trees. So they went with the numbers we had on the list. David did not agree with selling trees at the festival, but rather use the fall back sites for all of them.
Laura: Brian’s share plan is great, CTP has been generous. We affirmed Kye has a sharing plan too.
If we sell the trees, they ideally would be to share as well Laura says. What would the price be?
If people come and volunteer resources at the festival if we have extra trees they could potentially get them on the spot, Elizabeth says.
We could use the thank-you card to the tree site owners and all other participants to remind them about the event and asks them to follow up.
David suggested we not wait until the postal cards might have gotten to the participants to follow up with phone calls. We could send email messages to everyone ASAP. Laura volunteered to help with the phone calls, if I could do many of them too.
Laura had not heard about the latest on the parks.
Laura asked for the email body content volunteer. Simon said he would have it to us Friday.
Simon would prefer to have a separate agreement form for the volunteers.
Laura asked about transplanting trees from the fall-back sites. Simon would prefer we don’t do that. Note that this discussion comes from the ordering decision to order more trees than we have sites for.
The extra trees the ordering team placed are going to be paid for by Kye, Simon & Brian, evidently.
> Simon will create text for email to volunteers.
* budget:
Simon: we need to update our budget status.
25 trees ec browns: approx $625 (simon does not have the number in his head)
25 NN: approx $790 (20% discount)
approx tree total $1450
compost: 2 loads = approx $100
pro-grow: $100
Laura is changing her donation pledge to $70 and buying materials worth $30.
publicity: ?
food: approx $200, maybe more for plates, etc.
It looks like we are okay
David looked up our current total money taken in. $1800. More core people are still going to donate towards their pledges, bringing us to over $2000.
Kye’s thought was that the trees stored at her house would have homes found for them later.
* Posters:
  we will see the schedule for the day. Elizabeth can give more details in an email and at the end of the meeting after a tired David goes home.
* Town of Hartford Report from Simon:
Tad Nunez wants a memorandum of understanding that the AC will do the picking up and care for the trees. Simon agreed, and Tad is going to draw that up. Simon thought there were other issues, that would not be resolved by the 18th.
Frost park may not have water. So that site is in question in that regard. They do turn it on each season. Same issue for the park by the community garden. The town wants to move the shed at that location to install the meter. They normally turn the water on May 31, Kye said.
Hopefully we will know about the Hartford parks by the 18th. Kye thought we would.
> Simon asked for a google spreadsheet for expenses. he will create
Elizabeth said that Poverty Lane was pretty doubtful about the success of the project, because people want perfect fruit which would require inputs we won’t want to use.
We took a break for dinner and went back to meeting at 9pm
* Festival advertising & publicity
Kye: do we have a banner? She would be willing to help create same.
David: can we put it up ahead of time? Maybe.
Kye: they discourage sandwich boards, but allow them the day of.
Simon: we could put the sponsoring organizations logos (left over from Raspberry revolution)
Simon: someone needs to get the event into the Valley News.
> Simon will write text for the list-serve.
David will post to Lebanon list serve
Simon spoke to the Superintendent of schools who discouraged Simon about Hartford High student volunteers for some reason.
Poster hanging:
> Kye will hang posters in Hartford other than WRJ
> David will do West Lebanon & get some to the Caanan person that hung the old posters to see if she can help again.
> Elizabeth will do Lebanon center, Jakes.
> Simon will do WRJ.
Next meeting: Wednesday May 16 at 6:30pm no pot luck.
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