Minutes 2/11/13 timeline, etc.

Apple Corps 2/11/13 Present: Kye, Duncan, Simon, Karen, Laura, David, Elisabeth,

We had moment of silence and check-ins


1. by 2/28, logo produced, PR 3×5 glossy cards- both side print
2. fund raising
3. Next meeting date: 2/28, 6:30
4. 3/1: PR 3×5 glossy cards- both side print and website launched First week of March distribution of PR and soliciting sponsors
5. 3/25: First tree ordering date
6. 4/10: Last tree ordering date
7. 5/18: Tree planting and celebration day. 5/19 rain date.

We considered the logo: we picked the simple apple design Elizabeth will finalize

Tagline: “Let Them Eat Fruit!”

Budget: $50×50 trees (Grafton County Conservaztion District is selling trees for $16)

Root stock: $25x$25=$1200 $200- ammenments $4 ea plaque= $200

PR cards 500= $150 Posters: $100 $2,000 ($1,000 stipend for educating/coordinating) Total= $3,000

David will do a kickstarter drive to help fund raising Simon and David will make a video for the kickstarter

Would be good to find one or two more organizations to put on the card

Primary Sponsors are Transition Town and Upper Valley Laura will talk to Cat about Cear Circle being a primary sponsossr

Three groups are agreeing to sponsor trees: Dartmouth Organic Farm, Zen Center, and WRJ School

Kye will talk to UVFC re: secondary sponsorship

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