Minutes 2/26

Present: David, Elisabeth, Patricia, Laura, Simon, Sue, Karen

1. Internal Communication:

  • How do we want to handle group emails? currently all emails are going to everyone and this isn’t necessary, but it’s okay for now until we organize into subcommittees.
  • How do we deal with open transparent emails/groups? We don’t care that people might be reading it, but we want to protect information/contact from outside groups. All contact info and other information will be private and for internal use only.
  • Action Item: Simon will draft invite form and send it around for updates.

2. Budget – David has created a budget sheet that is in the google docs. Lets create a projected budget. We will track all accounting through the Transition Town WRJ account. If anyone needs to spend on something request a check

  • $1250 ($25×50 Rootstock)
  • $200 (Soil Amendments)
  • $200 (Publicity)
  • $200 (Tree Plaques)
  • $1150 (Misc)

3. Timeline: We are rocking it and ahead of the game for the post card, flyer, and website. Great work. We need to confirm more planting sites and partners.

4. Sponsors:

  • Cedar Circle – $, site location, publicity
  • Poverty Lane – (Laura)
  • Upper Valley Food Co-op (Kye)

5. Day of Festival Planting:

  • May 18th: 11am Gathering
  • Workshops 11:30 – 12:30 (Planting, Pruning, Care, Facts)
  • Lunch 12:30 – 1:30
  • Workshops 1:30 – 2:30 (Maintenance, Care etc)
  • 2:30 – 5:00 Go Plant your trees

6. Outreach/Publicity

  • Instead of having a chair of each category, there is only one person per contact.
  • We can do a large portion of the outreach on the web.
  • Postcards and Flyers can be done by Friday.
  • Email blasts, facebook, invites to go out next week.

7. Questions:

  • We need a central email, an address, and a telephone. Suggestion – we create info@uvapplecorps.org and have it forward to one of us.
  • What is our process for deciding sites?
  • What are our general guidelines for sites: 1. publicly accessable! 2. 6-8hrs sun. 3. sandy loam, well-drained soil
  • Let’s encourage all people to participate.

8. Next Meeting: Sunday, March 3rd 2-4pm, 149 Latham Works Lane (this will be a working meeting)

Next Agenda Item: Committee List

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