Minutes 3/17/13

Minutes 3/17/13

We discussed VT Country Sampler would like a press release by March 21st.  Kye is going to write the press release.

Check-ins: David is talking to someone from the Leb Rec Dept about the Seminary Hill School site, but it may not lead to trees this year.  If the town goes with it the school will also. A lot of trees could fit there. This link goes to the map Paul Coats sent him, that shows where David thinks it would be great to have trees.

Karen and Patricia went around at the Home Show and targeted 13 businesses.  They got people to lead workshops on the 18th from Chippers and Timber Tenders. The girl’s scouts are being followed up with about being tree care takers.  A few companies agreed to donate trees. Donella Meadows Institute is considering how to be involved. The grant-we will hear soon.

Kye heard from Carol Steadman about the soft fruit fly- it is as menace to berries and soft fruit trees, possibly apples and pears as well if there are no softer fruit around. Carol will give a workshop at UVFC. We suggested Carol might come to the workshop on the 18th to let people know about the issue including the use of a spray or netting, both expensive.  We will not get berries/fruit from our new plantings for a while so it may not be a problem for them but we will keep up on issue.  Kye will talk to the Quechee Library to see if we can set up a meeting to talk about the project

Brian is excited about what we are doing and wants to be involved.  He would love to be a site and a volunteer for trees off of his farm as well.  The director of Upper Valley Aquatic Center wants to be involved, Brian will follow up.  He will also follow up with the new director of Hartland library and the Town of Hartland is planning reconstruction of their 3 corners which has a proposed design with more green space, so Brian will follow up with that.

Simon told us Hartford Tree Board is considering a tree nursery which could include fruit trees. Kye said she would attend the Tree Board meeting 3/19 to talk to them. They could help us find sites.

Plaque Update- Elizabeth’s design involves print on ceramic tiles. We also considered paper laminated or plexi.  We considered something simple for the 18th and possibly a plaque closer to the road for sites set back from the road. We decided to do simple laminated paper but if we had time we could do a ceramic tile. Brian thought we should do ceramic tile after the tree is more mature. He also thought we could do laminating on site on the 18th as people come forward to volunteer to be tree care takers.

We have 8 existing fruit trees in the center of WRJ that need care takers.

We discussed goal priorities and whether that affects our process of where to plant/which sites to include. We considered even with the goal priorities we will have to discuss how the priorities apply. If a site is not easily assessable they can purchase a tree, become the sponsor care taker of the tree and we would work out a sharing plan with them and help with siteing the trees. If we have lots of money and too few sites but some of the sites are not easily accessible, then we will plan on the less assessable sites. The money will be prioritized for more the easily accessible sites.

Update from Simon on the Radcliff Park- cost of rental of the park $175 for 1st-4th hours of use. Before permission we will need to have a insurance rider for the park. The co-op has insurance that can cover that. Plan:  approach the co-op about being a partner to cover the insurance waiver.  We discussed that Kye will talk to the Tree Board and Karen will talk to the Co-op.

Responding to Cat on questions of Cedar Circle being a sponsor:  David said he could write up what we discussed today about sharing plans. Karen said we will thank them for the $200 and we can put their name and logo on our website on the sponsorship page (to be developed) and on all of our PR materials this year (those still to be made).  We considered how much an organization should give to be a primary sponsor. We will discuss with Cedar Circle apples being made available to the public based on their sharing commitment. It will be based on a good will agreement, no legal requirements for access. David will give us a write up on a response to Cedar Circle for us to respond to and then Laura can get back to Cat.

We discussed the need for more coordinators, like match makers matching the sites with care takers.  David was concerned about the feelers going out and being able to follow up with it. We considered getting the existing information onto the database. One approach is people can have their own contacts and follow up but in order to build the organization the use of the data base is important.  We had a brief training on the data base.

Karen suggested we get info out to local listserves re: Get involved, come to our next meeting and share apple crisp with us.  Deb Hathworn has listserves.  Brian can cover all the town lists in the Upper Valley. We need a blurb to send out to listserves. Use the press release Kye is doing and cut it down (?)

Next Meeting: 6:30 on Monday the 25th Pot luck   Meetings following that: April, 8th 7:00 with no pot luck and then possibly some time during the week of 4/22.

3/29 at the Center for Sustainable Practice will be the Land Orientation Day to see how to fit into the Center’s Permaculture practices

Minutes taken and posted by Laura, updated somewhat by David.

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