mtg 4 minutes 3/3/13 Goals and criteria and protocols. Oh my!

Upper Valley Apple Corps meeting 4 minutes. 3/3/13.
Goals and criteria and protocols. Oh my!

Attendance: Tim Price, Laura Simon, Kye Cochran, Christine, David Kano, Simon Dennis, Elisabeth Cadle,

After a short Historical Review, we discussed

Philosophy, Goals and Outreach.

David raised the following concern: should we shift our first year goals from planting 50 trees to other things such as events and gatherings. Maybe we should focus more on grafting and tree maintenance of existing trees or fruit sharing. Perhaps more than planting trees food share, coalition building, site identification should be more emphasized.

Christine suggested that should consider planting some more mature trees to accelerate the fruiting.

The following goals were read into the minutes: (from previous minutes.)
Community Building at both the neighborhood and organizational levels
Collaboration and coalition building (for future collaboration)
Skill building (around fruit tree growing)
Building a platform for diverse organizations and businesses to come together around the goal of building a more robust, cohesive and resilient community.
Awareness raising (about the need for food security)
Beautify public spaces.

David has started a database. He will send around the links. That will allow us to track and search our contacts and various levels of involvement.

We discussed the question about criteria for site selection. Simon said let’s continue with the plan of limiting sites to those that are “easily accessable to the public” on a “main road.” After considerable discussion on the subject it was decided that the we would allow sites that are remote if they agree to share the fruit. Further questioning seemed to suggest that perhaps remote sites should be included only in those cases where the tree care was available and the trees were paid for by the site provider. Public access and participation in the program would need to be provided by the site provider in perpetuity.

Tim said UVAC should not be involved financially. But rather make connections between people who want to give money and people who need trees.

David said that we should prioritize our goals? Should we postpone this until a future meeting? David said that he would initiate the discussion of prioritization of goals online.


Meeting was posted late. Minutes were added to the website. David will help with sending out notices for meetings. David volunteered to send out reminder notices as needed.
Updating information on the centralized database. If you make a phone call, make sure to update it immediately. Simon mentioned the importance of a gentle email culture. And a gentle meeting culture where we are speaking to one another in a way that is. He suggested that community building agenda of the project needed to begin at the meetings. Davie K mentioned the importance if this not bleeding into a loosie goosie culture where no one is following agreements.

Outreach: the card, letter, and form should work in conjunction. Ideally the form should be accessed an completed online. In cases where a paper copy of the form is used, the information needs to be entered into the database manually by the contact person or asignee for that participant. David will be the communications hub for both phone and email. He will also request volunteer contact persons for those participants that need them. Please volunteer to be the contact person where needed.

Tim Price asked is there a way of matching financing to schools?
Tim also volunteered to help us locate soil maps based on GPS.

Kye will take over the connection with King Arthur.
Karen Ganey will be asked to communicate with NEGEF.
We will be doing a lot of online communication about contacts. Please be as responsive as possible.

The next two meeting were scheduled for 3/17 between 2:00 an 4:00, and 3/25 between 6:30 and 8:30.

Respectfully submitted,
Simon Dennis

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2 Responses to mtg 4 minutes 3/3/13 Goals and criteria and protocols. Oh my!

  1. timothy price says:

    The reason that Occupy the Upper Valley possibly should not have any financial connection to Apple Corps is the concern as to the tax liability created in purchasing items for distribution, ie. trees bought and then provided though contributions… what sort of tax liability is to be expected and how will Apple Corps comply with state laws? Also, is there unfair competition with local nurseries who provide trees to this market? This is not in the minutes.

    In the discussion about promoting the participation of individuals wanting to place trees on their private land: I don’t recall any requirement being to allow access to the trees or to have the public on private land. The only stipulation I recall is in the willingness of the owner to share the apples. In no way will having a tree, that might have been provided through Apple Corps, compromise the privacy of the owners nor their exclusive ownership of their property nor their trees.

    I think these points need to be clarified in the minutes.

  2. David says:


    Thanks for your additional information from the meeting. I don’t remember discussing the issue of privately owned sites where the owner would prefer the public not access the trees themselves. In previous meetings that you missed, we did discuss the requirement that all sites be accessible by the public. The owner of a private site is agreeing to have people come onto their property for the purpose of accessing the Apple Corps trees to care, admire, pick and eat!

    I think we need to add an FAQ page to the site.


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