Participation Agreement

Please fill in the form below, or print this paper version, which also includes a cover letter explaining the project, and mail it to us. If you don’t have a site or time to offer us at the moment, you can skip this form and simply give us some money!

Main Contact Information Section
Name *
Email *
Day phone

Eve phone

Cell phone

Contact address

Contact town, state, zip

Offer a Tree Planting Site Section

I will provide a publicly accessible site

Max trees my site will accommodate (spaced no less than 18' apart)

Site name

Site owned by

My title / relationship to the owner

Tree site address

Tree Site Town, State, Zip

I have authority to grant permission for this site
I will help gain permission from the organization that owns the site
This site receives 6-8 hours of sun per day
Adopt-a-tree Section
I will plant and provide ongoing care
Number of trees I can adopt

Number of months I can commit to caring for my tree(s)

Miles I'm willing to travel to tree site from my home

Donation Section
I will provide funding
Number of trees I'd like to sponsor at $50 per tree

Amount of (additional) money I will give

My total of donation will be

Event Volunteer Section
I'll help at Planting Festival
I can help with planting

Personal Message, Sharing Plan and/or Notes:



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