Upper Valley Apple Corps Sharing Plans

While we love the idea of unlimited public access to our Apple Corps trees, this is not a requirement for a site proposal. As long as each site owner agrees to a reasonably generous sharing plan, their offer will be considered along with the others for each scheduled tree purchase and planting. Here are some example sharing plans that our coordinators have been discussed. If none of these fits your needs, we encourage you to be creative!

  • Full public access: the site owner is comfortable allowing people to visit the tree(s) as they wish. These sites will be given priority when there fewer tree sponsors and adopters than proposed sites.

  • Public access by invitation: the site owner will communicate with the wider community when fruit is ready to harvest, specifying dates and times that the site is available for harvesting visits. This communication may include notifying the Apple Corps via phone or email so the information can be posted on our website.

  • School community: the trees are planted on school property. The school will control and coordinate the harvesting process for the benefit of the students and staff.

  • Neighbor access: the site owner has granted access to one or more specified neighbors.

  • Produce sharing: the site owner will pick the fruit / nuts themselves and give a specified percentage of the produce to specified friends, neighbors and/or community organization(s).

  • Remember, the above plans are just examples, you may submit your own version when you make your site proposal!

When we match tree sponsors and adopters to sites, we will insure that they are aware of and agree to the sharing plan before their resources are committed. Regardless of the sharing plan you use for your site, you will need to allow full access to the tree adopter(s) that will be caring for the tree(s). Of course, that is easy if you care for them yourself!


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One Response to Sharing

  1. Sharing Plan for Oak Wood Farm:

    Oak Wood Farm will allow full public access to all trees planted through the UVAC and by the farm. All fruit that is not picked by the public will be picked and donated to local food shelves like the Upper Valley Haven, Willing Hands, and the Hartland Food Shelf. We plan to invite our CSA members to pick fruit, not as part of their share, to begin building awareness. We are also happy to have some sort of UVAC sign to catch peoples’ attention.

    The goal for the farm is to become a non-profit community farm in which all are welcome to work, play, learn, teach, and pick fruit and vegetables.

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