It is fun and exciting to plant fruit trees, but there are a few considerations in order to ensure healthy, long lasting fruit production into the future.

Site Selection

Fruit trees need deep, well-drained sandy loam soil with good moisture and nutrient-holding capacity. Full sunlight nearly all day long is essential with a minimum of 6 hours to ensure maximum health. Trees that do not receive at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight each day will be “leggy” and will produce few flowers and fruits.

Please propose your site and our experts will schedule a time to visit as needed. We will favor providing trees for the most suitable sites offered, in consideration of the environment, community sharing plan and local adopter availability.

Species Selection

We are offering you a choice of Apples, Pears, Plums, or Peaches and will provide you varieties hardy to this region.  Here is some information to consider in your choice of fruit.

·  Apples, pears, plums (except European plums, many of which are generally self-fruitful) require cross-pollination to set fruit.  For cross-pollination to occur, two different varieties of the same fruit must be grown (i.e. McIntosh and Delicious apples).

Spacing between trees can be 15 – 25 ft. apart.

Here are some varieties that we will likely order from St. Lawrence Nursery (order date April 1st):
Apple (Apple Scab Resistant) – Redfree, Prima, Liberty, Freedom, Nova Easygrow
Apple – Gravenstein, Paulared, McIntosh, Gala, Cortland, Macoun, Delicious, Baldwin, Northern Spy1
Pear – Bartlett, Seckel, Bosc1
Peach – Red Haven, Reliance2, Madison

From Grafton County Conservation District: (order date: March 25th)

Green Gage Plum: Purchase height 5’. Self-fertile, biennial tendency, moderately vigorous. Yellow-green fruit with red mottling, oval-shaped, sweet, juicy; ideal dessert plum, great for jellies.

Crimson Crisp Apple (semi- dwarf): Mature height 15’ with open spreading growth. Late season bloom; medium-size fruit, matures mid-season, crimson red color, crisp texture, tart flavor, stores well.

Honey Crisp Apple (semi-dwarf): Mature height 15’, with open spreading growth, well-anchored, tree. Fruit is 3”, mostly orange-red; crisp, sweet and juicy; ripens in September, stores well. Prefers full sun.

Daybreak Fuji (semi-dwarf): Mature height 15’, with open spreading growth. Mid-season bloom, large-size fruit, orange-red blush; early ripening, high-quality Fuji.

Proposed sites map.

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